Learn basics of music theory or improve your music theory knowledge using exercises.

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All topics of music theory in one app

Our app offers a wide range of exercises and topics that cover key signatures, intervals, chords, and scales. Whether you are a beginner musician just starting out, or an experienced musician looking to improve your sight reading skills, MyMusicTheory has something for you.

More than 100 free exercises for all experience levels cover all the important aspects of music.

✓  notes - note height identification, semitones and notes, note length (value) identification

✓  scales - scale identification, scale intervals (from tonic or between notes in scale)

✓  intervals - interval identification, interval construction, interval numbers identification (ignoring interval quality)

✓  chords - chord identification and construction, chord intervals (from base note or between notes in chord), diatonic chord identification and construction

✓  rhythm - completing bar with note or rest

✓  key signature identification

Create your own exercises

Design your own customized exercises, select chords, scales, intervals which you want to practice. Wheather you just start recognizing major and minor scale or you need to learn the difference between superlocrian bb3 scale and neapolitan minor scale, you can build the exercise specifically for your needs.

Track your progress

See your progress grouped by days, weeks or months to get a long-term overview of your practice sessions. See detailed reports to find your weaknesses.

Advanced topics

Exercises include challenging topics for experienced musicians. For example seventh chords, extended chords, scale modes, compound intervals, many clefs (including mezzo-soprano, french violin...)

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